Atenolol Tablets in Pakistan

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Atenolol Tablets in Pakistan | Ship Mart

Atenolol Tablets in Pakistan are a kind of medicine used to deal with various cardiovascular conditions. Atenolol belongs to a category of medicine called beta blockers, which work by using blocking the action of certain hormones within the body, mainly adrenaline. This allows to decrease blood stress, reduce coronary heart pressure, and alleviate symptoms associated with certain heart situations.

What Is Atenolol Tablet Good For?

Atenolol pills are normally prescribed for the remedy of hypertension (high blood pressure). Via reducing the pressure of the heart’s contractions and slowing down the coronary heart charge, atenolol allows to relax and widen the blood vessels, allowing blood to glide extra effortlessly and decreasing the strain inside them. This could assist to prevent complications associated with excessive blood strain, which includes coronary heart assaults, strokes, and kidney problems.

Moreover, atenolol tablets are once in a while used in the management of angina pectoris, a situation characterised via chest ache or soreness resulting from decreased blood waft to the coronary heart muscle. By reducing the coronary heart’s call for for oxygen and improving blood go with the flow to the heart, atenolol can assist relieve angina symptoms and enhance exercise tolerance.

Is Atenolol Good For BP?

Atenolol is usually taken orally in tablet form, and the dosage may also range depending at the individual’s circumstance and reaction to remedy. It’s miles critical to follow the prescribed dosage and frequency as told by a healthcare expert.


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