Bii Dick Delay Spray in Pakistan

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Bii Dick Delay Spray in Pakistan, Ship Mart

Bii Dick Delay Spray in Pakistan spray over the glans penis and coronary sulcus with this product 30 minutes before sexual intercourse, then spread evenly, this product is valid for about 60 minutes.


This product is not for impotent patient.
May not be used in the prevention of venereal disease in sexual life.
This product is made with chinese traditional medicine formula, harmless and safe for human body.
Avoid this product

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Product name: bii dick delay spray
Brand: bii dick
Specification: 20ml
Shelf life: 3 years, and the produce date and expried date, see the box
For people: man who above age 18, and need improve sex life
Ingredient:clove, gullnut, schiasandra chinensis, asarum, cnidium monogolicum, waterter

The effect of ingredient:

1.Clove :warming kidney and helping yang can treat impotence caused by kidney yang deficiency
2.Gullnut:enhance immunity, prevent diabetes and supplement vitamin
3.Schiasandra chinensis: enhance the physical strength of men, with the effect of nourishing yin and strengthening essence
4.Asarum:asarum can be used to treat impotence
5.Cnidium mongolicum: it can tonify the kidney and strengthen yang, has a good effect on erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation and other male diseases, and can improve sexual life
Effect: extend sex time, delayed ejaculation lasting long 60 minutes, fast erection, and fast climax.
How to use: before 30 minutes to sex, spray one or two sprays on penis and massage till absorb, after effect you can wash it out, no reduce the effect
Storage: keep it from the child and store it in dry and cool place. Touching your eyes, and please store it properly far away from children.


Bii Dick

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  1. Karam

    Best Product Timeing spray.

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