Cell Phone Radiation Shield

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Cell Phone Radiation Shield in Pakistan | Ship Mart

Cell Phone Radiation Shield in Pakistan– have you heard human beings speaking approximately the dangerous effects of emf radiation emitted from our cell telephones? Newsflash! It’s now not simply speakme. It’s science. It has been again and again confirmed and proven that maximum cellular telephones and comparable electronic devices (pills, laptops, and so on.) emit dangerous radiation waves that may wreak havoc to your whole body.

How to Use

Introducing the vortex bioshield top class anti-radiation cellular telephone case sticker just take a moment and consider how a great deal you’re the usage of your cellphone every single day. Answering calls, discussing plans, talking about your day with buddies, gambling video games, looking films, and using apps, only scratch the surface of the way plenty you are actually using your phone. You might even have it through your bedside or for your nightstand whilst you visit mattress at night time. Anti radiation mobile phone guard

Anti Radiation Cell Phone Shield Buy Online

It’s time you stopped exposing yourself to risky emf radiation and guarded yourself from the dire outcomes of using an unshielded cellphone or pill. Will increase your body herbal strength in opposition to dangerous emf waves. Vortex bioshield is secure to apply, it protects your immun machine from penetrating emf radiation. The special aggregate of crystals and minerals provides secure, all-herbal electricity to defense and stability herbal strength discipline additionally referred to as charisma quality in emf radiation safety – narrow layout affords maximum frame touch.

Anti Radiation Cell Phone Shield Benefits

  • NEUTRALIZES CELLPHONE RADIATION: Smartphones today emit harmful EMFs that can affect our health. The Vortex BioShield protects anyone who uses your phone or tablet.
  • UNIVERSAL COMPATIBILITY: Quickly and easily attaches to your smartphone, iPhone, tablet, computer, laptop and more, blocking harmful
  • EMF waves. EASY TO USE: Stick it and forget it. Permanently attaches to the outside of the case and can be moved to different case using spare tape included in the package.
  • HEALTH AND SAFETY: The Vortex BioShield is safe to use and protects your immune system from penetrating EMF radiation. The specialized combination of crystals and minerals delivers safe, all-natural grounding and balance.
  • REDUCES HYPERSENSITIVITY: Many smartphone users actually have an acute sensitivity to EMF radiation and waves produced by cellphones today. Our product eliminates that nauseous, headache-inducing feeling entirely!
  • ALLEVIATES HEAT: Smartphones today are so powerful they have a tendency to heat up and burn the face. The Vortex BioShield better disperses the heat and protects your skin in the process.


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  1. ShipMart

    Do you really need radiation shield in phone?
    The ads and websites often claim to have scientific evidence that their radiation shields work, but the Federal Trade Commission reports that there is no scientific proof that these products reduce exposure to electromagnetic radiation, and warn that these products may actually increase the radiation the phones emit.

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