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Used to save you and address infections of burn wounds. it is every so often used inside the brief-term management of inflamed leg ulcers and strain sores. it is also used to assist prevent infections in skin grafts, skin with large abrasions and finger tip injures. Flamazine Cream in Pakistan is a topical antibacterial cream with an energetic detail which belongs to the organization of antibiotic drug remedies referred to as sulfonamides any faster and might motive or increase thing results. these issues are normally controlled by a nurse – each day, or each other day. the wound will first be wiped clean and any discharge and lifeless tissue from the wound cleared. a layer of cream that is at least three to 5 millimetres thick can be implemented into the cavity of the ulcer/sore, and this could be included with an absorbent or gauze dressing and probable in addition bandagingit is soothing when implemented and has established hobby against a broad variety of organisms including both gram-high quality and gramnegative bacteria and some viruses and fungi. Flamazine Cream may be prescribed for another motive.


Abrasions, minor cuts and wounds. flamazine is specifically indicated inside the treatment and prophylaxis of infection in severe burn victims. latex loose.that is a kind of antibiotic inside the sulfonamide group. these antibiotics kill a huge sort of micro organism as well as a few fungi. they forestall the bacteria from multiplying and inflicting contamination.



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