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We report a case of cosmetic breast enhancement with Macrolane Injection In Pakistan in an un-diagnosed breast cancer. This delayed cancer diagnosis and complicated surgical resection and reconstruction. It should therefore be mandatory for clinicians to exclude breast malignancy with imaging prior to Macrolane injection.

Macrolane ® injection can be performed on patients who want to increase buttock volume or reshape them to correct a morphological default such as flat buttocks, or simply to give them a rounded shape. Macrolane ® is an alternative to implants and allows raising buttock volume without surgery and without scars.

To Recognise The Imaging Of Complications From Macrolane™ Injection

It is a hyaluronic acid gel resulting from biotechnology, completely natural, of non-animal origin and biodegradable.

You don’t need to fast. It is however recommended not to drink alcohol and to avoid sun exposure the hours before the injections.

No aspirin-based medication or anti-inflammatory drugs should be taken during 8 days before and 5 days after the injections to minimize risks of bleeding of the treated areas.

Macrolane Injections For Breast Enhancement In Undiagnosed Breast Malignancy: A Case Report

For optimal comfort, it is recommended to apply Emla Cream 0.05% (available from a pharmacy) on the treated areas 1 hour before the procedure. This white ointment penetrates quickly into the skin and becomes invisible. This way you can have anaesthesia while continuing your daily activities.

It is performed under local anaesthesia. The surgeon injects the product between the skin and the muscle, in the natural fold of the buttock through a micro incision leaving no scar.

Who might have side effects from Macrolane™ VRF20 injections?

Since the hyaluronic acid in Macrolane™ VRF20 is similar to what you would find naturally in your patient’s body, most patients respond well to Macrolane™ VRF20 injections. Unlike the potential complications with cosmetic surgery, Macrolane™ VRF20 side effects are generally mild and last less than a week, and could include bruising, swelling, and soreness. There is also a small risk of infection since you do need to make a small incision to inject the Macrolane™ VRF20, but antibiotics can reduce that risk.

When should my patient return for their second Macrolane™ VRF20 treatment?

Since Macrolane™ VRF20 is made from hyaluronic acid, your patient will see an immediate improvement in their body shape. The stable particles of Macrolane™ VRF20 generally last around a year before breaking down naturally within your patient’s body, so your patient should return after about 9 to 12 months for their follow-up injection. Before your patients come in for their first or subsequent treatments of this popular sculpting filler, be sure to stock up on plenty of Macrolane™ VRF20 from Doctor Medica.

What Are Macrolane Injections?

The injection in painless and the result can be immediately appreciated.
The procedure lasts between 60 and 90 minutes (about 150 cc to 200 cc for each buttock).

You can go back to your daily activities immediately after the injection.

For many years women and men alike have been using aesthetic treatments to counter the signs of ageing and replace lost volume in the face. Now there’s a non-surgical body shaping treatment that can naturally regenerate body contours.

Market research has shown there to be a significant number of women who would like to adjust the shape of their body in a natural, non-permanent way that does not involve the use of implants or body fat in a major surgical procedure.

Many women are also very hesitant about undergoing general anaesthesia or being left with a scar. With Macrolane, the procedure is short and requires only local anaesthetic resulting in minimal downtime and time away from work or day to day activities.




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