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GAME DAY™ JUST GOT STRONG(ER) | MAN Sports Game Day Nootropic in Pakistan

For recreation day nootropic it was time to head back to our roots. With og sport day (black/pink label) circa 2012 we have been known for excessive-stim, lengthy-lasting strength pre-exercises that tasted insane. We knew we could make a bada high-stim formulation, Game Day Nootropic in Pakistan but we additionally knew we ought to make it higher.

With the development of nootropics inside the marketplace and our lengthy history creating a number of the exceptional nootropic merchandise out there I.E. Noopump, brainbridge, lean ph.D, and many others. We wanted to combine first rate-strength power with laser-attention & readability to create a present day take on what a “tremendous robust” pre-workout must feel like.

No jitters. No “squirrel mind.” lots of electricity, muscle engorging pumps & pharma like consciousness.

Trust Us, You Haven’t Felt a Pre-Workout Like This in Years.

Our strongest recreation day system but An ode to og recreation day, the components that placed us at the map. In place of definitely re-launching an antique formulation, we wanted it to be better. Ingredients have advanced, flavor systems have developed and this is the next step in the evolution of game day pre-exercising! Game day nootropic affords excessive power, a euphoric mood boost, huge pumps & performance in a pleasant easy feeling package deal.

  • Limited edition high intensity formula
  • Laser focus nootropic
  • Euphoric energy from alpha 2 stim blend
  • 500 mg dendrobium nobile extract
  • 400 mg caffeine anhydrous
  • Muscle hydrating pumps from 5 g hydromax® glycerol
  • Features 100 mg s7™ & 600 mg alpha gpc

What Makes Game Day Nootropic™ so Powerful

HydroMax® 5G

Massive 5 GRAM serving of highly concentrated glycerol providing hyperhydration, endurance and engorged pumps! Hydromax is a stable, easy-to-mix version of glycerol monostearate.

s7™ 100MG

Pumps through plants?! S7 is a dose of 7 plant-based ingredients that has been clinically shown to increase nitric oxide by 230%! S7 increases the body’s natural NO providing vasodilation, increased blood flow & pumps.

Alpha GPC 600MG

A natural source of choline – Alpha GPC is a potent memory booster and has been shown to slow the rate of cognitive decline in addition to performance based benefits related to power output.

Organic Lions Mane Mushroom Powder 500MG

A powerful mushroom that may support clear memory, a healthy mood balance and overall cognition. It promotes the formation of nerve growth factor (NGF), essential for hippocampal plasticity.

Dendrobium nobile Extract (10:1) 500MG

An ode to OG Game Day, we had to include Dendrobium. Dendrobium Nobile has been used for over 2000 years and the Chinese consider Dendrobium as one of the fifty fundamental herbs.

Caffeine 400MG

At a hefty dose of 400mg per serving, Caffeine Anhydrous is what will “wake up” your brain in preparation for a high-intensity training session. This is what we found to be the sweet spot for a true “high-stim” pre-workout… with nootropics providing the delicate balance between rushing energy and laser focus.


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