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Ultra Sex Pills Price in Pakistan

Gelatin capsule, dry extract of rhodiola rosea, panax ginseng, ascorbic acid, dry extracts of cordyceps sinensis, aframomum melegueta, terminalia chebula, syzygium aromaticum, zinc gluconate, anti-caking marketers: maltodextrin, magnesium stearate, dealers tablet dyes: crimson iron oxide, carmoisine, titanium dioxide or indigotine, titanium dioxide.Ginseng facilitates to induce and improve erection and increases performance and physical patience. Clove stimulates stream and helps keep libido. Zinc facilitates preserve a regular degree of testosterone in the blood, everyday fertility and replica, and regular functioning of the immune system. Rhodiola, an adaptogenic plant, facilitates lessen the bad impact of stress. Vitamin c facilitates lessen fatigue.




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