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Deadly Shark Power 48000

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Deadly Shark Power 48000 in Pakistan | Delay Spray | Ship Mart

Power spray, Deadly Shark Power 48000 in Pakistan extended sex time, external, non-toxic no side effects. The persons who have only 2 or 4 minutes sex time, they can enhance their sex time 2-3 hrs after use of this liquid. Specially use for you and your sex partners satisfaction. Highly effective long time spray for men, easy to use and no side effect. Apply to front of penis before 15-20 minutes and then enjoy for long time. Very good spray for those who have only 3-4 minutes sex time Prolongs X excitement

  • Lessen Sensitivity During Intercourse
  • Prevent Premature Ejaculation
  • Powerful Hold For Long Lasting
  • For External Use Only

How To Use:

Use 15 minutes before intercourse.
Wash your penis 1st.
Apply 3 short sprays on penis
1st on the top of penis, 2nd on the center of penis & 3rd on below part of penis.

Big Offer ! Deadly Shark Power 48000 Long Time Delay Spray (Made in Germany)

Delay Spray for Men

Delay Spray is designed to help keep the lovemaking going longer and stronger. In a study, men reported lasting 64% longer when using this spray. It’s the perfect sidekick to boost sexy time, so you don’t have to hold back.

The secrets of Desensitizing Spray

Delay Spray is formulated with lidocaine to reduce sensitivity without overly numbing. When used as directed, Delay Spray absorbs into the skin for maximum efficacy without transferring to your partner. Plus, our bottle helps you dose precisely to achieve your desired effect time after time.

How to use Delay Spray

It’s simple. Spray the most sensitive areas of your penis 10-15 minutes before go time. Use between 3 and 10 full sprays depending on your desired sensitivity.


Deadly Shark

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