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Dooz Delay Spray In Pakistan With Diet E In Pakistan(45ml Bottle), The Unique Delay Spray, Desensitizes The Penis Whilst Sprayed To The Head And Works Within 5 Mins Of Being Sprayed. As Soon As Used You Can Have Intercourse For Up To 10 Instances Longer Than Previously. Referred To As Stud Spray Due To Your Potential To Hold Going Longer And Satisfy Your Lucky Lover, Giving Them Multiple Orgasms.

How To Use
Usage 1. Use 15 minutes before intercourse 2. wash your panis first 3. Apply 3 short sprays on the panis . First on the top of panis , second on the centre of panis & third on below part of panis
Description. Super Dooz 34000 Delay Spray In A Huge 45ml canisters. Note: This product is a penis desensitizer, which works by slightly numbing the tip of the penis, allowing you to delay your climax and prolong lovemaking.


  • Strong Delay Spray
  • Increase Time & Stamina
  • Prevent Premature Ejaculation 
By numbing these nerves, the spray can delay ejaculation. Individuals should apply the spray to the penis at least 10 minutes before beginning intercourse. This timing allows the product to absorb into the penis fully and take effect.



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