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Dr James Virginity Soap in Pakistan | Ship Mart

Dr James Virginity Soap in Pakistan, Ship Mart, Dr James Virginity Soap, cleanse feels refreshing and comfortable all day long. Dr James Viginity Soap Is Produced From Herbal Herbal Extracts. Mild And Secure, Clean And Reduce Ugly Odors. Citronella Aroma Oil. No Fragrance. Extra Than 10 Varieties Of Herbs, To Be More Powerful And Decrease Hypersensitive Reaction Along With Camphor, Calamine, Boric Acid, Magnesium We Grow Our Herb In A Conventional Manner No Chemical. We Formulate And Extract Herb By Our Own Tradition Manner To Gain Effectiveness. Skip Nano Encapsulation Manner.

The Way To Use : Apply Gently To Easy Intimate Vicinity, Rinse Nicely.

Natural Herbal Extract. Mild And Secure.
Reduce Unpleasant Odors.
Citronella Aroma Oil Delivered For Perfume.
Include More Than 10 Types Of Herb

How to use : Apply gently to clean intimate area,

Rinse well

Dr.james Virginity Soap

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Dr. James Virginity Soap 80g is all day long unique cleansing formula for your delicate requirements. It is also effective to remove unpleasant body odor. DR. JAMES Virginity Soap cleanses and leaves you to feel refreshed and comfortable all day long. Unique cleaning soap is formulated for your delicate needs. Ideal for everyday external use only. Free the from unpleasant odours.

  • Formulated from natural ingredients and herbs that enables you to feel refreshed
  • Allows you to feel refreshed and silky smooth which restores skin’s
  • Helps in skin whitening and rejuvenating



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    Dr James Virginity Soap in Pakistan.
    Awesome used once, impressed

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