Equipoise Bd in Pakistan

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Equipoise Bd in Pakistan is referred to as a derivative of testosterone that has a robust anabolic and coffee androgenic outcomes. It’s far well-known in growth of appetite, nitrogen retention protein synthesis and stimulates the release of erythropoietin in the kidneys. It is able to be stacked with almost all steroids. As all other steroids boldenone boom crimson blood cell manufacturing that make contributions itself to an increase of stamina and it is right for those athletes who’re doing cardiovascular sports. It has a low price of aromatization. As well it’s miles counseled to apply it, to growth vascularity, that bodybuilders are the usage of it before competition in a cutting cycle. Boldenone has a chief advantage that is not doing a whole lot of side impact in phrases of estrogen. Preferred to be used for speedy mass builder, it is administered for profits in strength and great muscle. Boldenone is normally taken all through a cycle about 10 weeks, one time every week, after this it is able to be visible strong muscle advantage and really low water retention. But, the outcomes will no longer be so seen, however it’ll be more durable than any other steroid. Boldenone is referred to as very low degree of aromatization and is giving a terrific enlarge within the pumps while exercise session.

Equipoise Bd in Pakistan

  • Benefits of boldenone steroid:
  • Mild androgen
  • Dramatic boom in urge for food
  • Growth of purple blood cells
  • Stepped forward overall performance of aerobic physical games
  • Rapid mass builder
  • More effective vascularity
  • Law water retention

Equipoise (boldenone undecylenate)
Increases urge for food. Highly anabolic. Complements perpetual pump & broadcasts vasolidation impact.

  1. Composition
  2. Efficiency:
  3. 250 mg/ml.

Oil based answer.

Supplied in a clean 10ml glass vial with black turn-off cap & classified container.

250 mg – 750 mg/week.



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    Equipoise Bd in Pakistan

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