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Lanina Body Shaper

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Lanina Body Shaper in Pakistan | Ship Mart

Lanina Body Shaper in Pakistan, Women Slimming Body Waist, Shaper Trainer Tummy Control, soft stretchable fabric

Here’s How It Works

  1. Designed with unique uses Neotex ™ technology Cami Hot Waist Cincher with Sleeves helps increase sweat up to 5X more while exercising.
  2. Burn more calories by comfortably increasing your body temperature and feeling the burn all over!
  3. The Waist Trainer Belt shapes and slims your waist, visibly reducing up to 2 sizes instantly
  4. Maximize physical activity & get faster results

Hot Shaper Belt Normal – 3XL size is available at a budget-friendly price. Stay fit and smart with this Hot Shaper Belt. This belt is a fitness product that can be used for everyday wear. It is designed with neotex fabric technology that increases core temperature helping your body to sweat more while wearing them during daily activities. The technology increases the core temperature. While you sweat, Hot Shapers will feel dry from outside, so you can easily wear it while you go out. This is perfect for those ladies who have a heavy lower body, excess fat on tummy, and thighs. So, get this perfect calorie burner belt and stay smart and in shape.

  • Helps in maximizing your daily exercising routine
  • Hot shaper men get the perfect v shape
  • Helps in slimming down your waist, tummy and thighs
  • Increases core temperature
  • Improves overall health
  • Helps in maximizing your daily exercising routine
  • Helps in slimming down your waist, tummy and thighs

Washing instructions of Lanina Body Shaper in Pakistan:

  • Do not wash with hot water.
  • Do not wash in the washing machine.
  • Use a mellow detergent.
  • Hand wash at 30⁰C.
  • Do not roll it when it is dry.
  • Do not use the bleach.
  • Do not press with Iron
  • Do not twist
  • Do not dry clean.


Lanina Body Shaper

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    Lanina Body Shaper in Pakistan

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