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L-arginine Hcl, Fenugreek Extract,palmetto Extract, Tribulus Terrestris Extract, Chinese Magnolia Fruit, Korean Panax Ginseng, Saffron And Black Pepper

What does Member XXL contain?

L-arginine HCLL-arginine is one of the key amino acids found in the male body. It is essential for the production of nitric oxide, which increases the lumen of the blood vessels.
Fenugreek Seed ExtractA component that can affect the health of the cardiovascular system by lowering cholesterol and blood sugar levels. Fenugreek Seeds are a source of steroid saponins, including spirostan and furostan derivatives.
Saw Palmetto Fruit ExtractFatty acids contained in the Saw Palmetto affect the maintenance of reproductive functions and health of men. Additionally, Saw Palmetto also affects prostate health and hair growth.
Tribulus Terrestris ExtractAn ingredient known for its libido and potency enhancing properties. Steroid saponins contained in tribulus terrestris increase testosterone levels and lower cholesterol levels.
Schisandra Chinensis ExtractAn adaptogen known in traditional Chinese medicine for several thousand years. Due to the content of ligans, it is attributed with properties that reduce fatigue and improve mental and physical condition.
Korean Ginseng Root ExtractA component that effectively helps in achieving readiness for intimacy. It is also assigned properties that affect vitality, cognitive abilities and physical performance.
Saffron Flower ExtractSaffron improves the libido, strengthens the readiness for intimacy and contributes to an increase in semen. It can also improve one’s mood and help maintain emotional balance.
Black Pepper Fruit ExtractThe extract is extremely rich in piperine, an alkaloid on the surface of black pepper fruits. It increases the absorption of nutrients from food and can contribute to the neurotransmission of serotonin and dopamine.
Vitamin EOften called the fertility vitamin or the vitamin of youth. It helps protect cells from oxidative stress. Symptoms of its deficiency include: fatigue, infertility and hair loss.
ZincOne of the most important microelements in a man’s diet. It helps maintain the correct level of testosterone, and also supports the maintenance of fertility and proper reproductive functions. In addition, it supports cognitive functions, protein synthesis and the functioning of the immune system.
Vitamin B6A vitamin that supports the proper functioning of the nervous and immune systems. Contributes to the reduction of fatigue and has an effect on the regulation of hormonal activity.


Member XXL

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