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Neo Hair Lotion + Derma Roller

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Neo Hair Lotion in Pakistan | Ship Mart

A Way To Use : Neo Hair Lotion in Pakistan Gently comb your hair 2-three instances spray neo hair lotion on the scalp then gently comb the whole scalp. Neo Hair Lotion in Pakistan Use often morning and night. Main ingredients: white ginseng, cantaloupe extract, saw palmetto extract, hair remedy wax from coconut & honey. Storage condition : please maintain fresh in dry and cool place new formulation “Neo hair has progressed the components. Maintaining overall performance as earlier than repeat me in all respects. Has added black hair properties.” the use of hairspray neo hair lotion neo hair lotion ought to be implemented on the time.

Neo Hair Lotion, Hair Treatment, Hair Root Nutrients, Hair Growth, Anti Hair Loss

The cleanest scalp which day by day use weather trade, warmness and other environmental conditions this causes the pores to produce plenty of sweat and sebum. Fats will get into the clogged pores. When the use of the answer, pores are less absorbed. Hair roots are not getting the nutrients they want. Therefore seeing results slower than typical therefore earlier than using neo hair answer must wash your hair very well with a mild shampoo or a baby sampon every time.

Imported Neo Hair Lotion Herbs 100% Natural STOP Hair Loss Root Nutrients Made in Thailand for sale in Pakistan

  1. A nutrient and expedite hair cell to grow up
  2. Making a hair root stronger
  3. Reducing hair loss, Activate new hair born
  4. Accelerate new hair to get longer and stronger, Anti hair loss


  1. Brand : NEO HAIR LOTION Net weight: 120ml
  2. Bottle Condition : 100% Genuine Brand new.
  3. sealed: never open, never used
  4. Color : Natural As Picture
  5. Quantity : 1 Bottles
  6. Expiration Date : 2 years after manufacturing Product of THAILAND
  7. That is the beginning of Neo Hair Lotion, hair root nutrients spray no.1 seller in Thailand.

Prevent hair loss thinning or baldness. Reducing the dandruff.
Natural herbal extract 100% actual hair transplant results 100 %. Hair loss thinning hair, baldness and genetically different from the effective – reduce hair loss from various situations effectively – accelerate stimulating new hair growth, long and bushy black – maintenance repairs the hair root and hair, strong hair serum
Herbal extract is beneficial to hair and scalp, no chemicals that poison the body.
Quantity 1 bottle 120 ml.

Is Neo Hair Lotion good for hair loss?

  • Cantaloupe extract it accelerates germination of black hair length and strength to inhibit the fall, the hair is soft and shiny.
  • Ginseng extract it stimulates the circulation of cells in the scalp. Give hair roots get nutrients. The hair root effect is awake. It accelerates germination and nourishes hair roots. And reduce the loss of hair.
  • Extracts from herbs to touch the main ingredient. Cantaloupe, white ginseng, palm leaf, saw blade.
  • Sorrelmate natural extracts of palm kernel, saw blade in europe. Reduces hormone production in the testosterone. Reduce and inhibit. Hair loss due to genetic causes as well.


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    Neo Hair Lotion in Pakistan + Derma Roller

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