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Promescent Spray 20 Spray

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Promescent Sprays Price In Pakistan :-  20 Spray = 12000

Promescent Spray in Pakistan is a type of topical solution or spray this is designed to help guys with untimely ejaculation troubles. It’s far typically applied to the penis previous to sexual interest and works via desensitizing the location, as a result delaying ejaculation.

Put off sprays typically incorporate an lively ingredient known as lidocaine or benzocaine, which can be both neighborhood anesthetics. These elements paintings by means of blockading the nerve indicators that cause sensations inside the penis, accordingly lowering the amount of stimulation that a person feels at some stage in sexual hobby. As a end result, the person is able to final longer earlier than accomplishing orgasm.

Discreet Packaging

Privacy is guaranteed. Packages ship in discreet, plain packaging with “Customer Service” as the name on the return address.

How Should I Apply Promescent Delay Spray?

Applying the premature ejaculation delay spray is quick and easy – in fact over 95% of our users agree that application is simple and does not interfere with the overall sexual experience.

Step 1: Shake the bottle gently before each use.

Step 2: Apply 3-10 sprays to the most sensitive parts of the penis. This consists of the frenulum, as well as the underside of the glans (head) and shaft of the penis.

Step 3: Wait 5-15 minutes or until the treated area has dried completely.

Promescent Spray in Pakistan | Get Better in Bed | Official Online Store

The use of Promescent Spray in Pakistan can assist guys who warfare with premature ejaculation to have extra manipulate over their sexual experiences, that could cause extra sexual satisfaction for both companions. But, it’s miles vital to use the spray according to the commands furnished and to apply the correct amount, as using an excessive amount of can cause numbness or other undesirable side effects.

Promescent® Delay Spray for Men

Promescent Spray  is normally safe for maximum guys to apply, however it’s far always advocated to seek advice from a healthcare issuer before the use of any new merchandise or treatments. Moreover, men who have hypersensitive reactions or sensitivities to neighborhood anesthetics should keep away from using put off spray.

Usual, put off spray may be a useful tool for guys who struggle with premature ejaculation, but it ought to be used with care and warning to make certain maximum effectiveness and minimum threat of facet consequences.



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