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Super Viga 990000 Spray

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Viga 990000 Spray in Pakistan | Delay Spray, Ship Mart

Super Viga 990000 in Pakistan is used to increase the timing of intercourse and to keep you pleased during sex. Everyone has a different timing of their sexual activity and most of them know that they have bad timing of their sexual duration. This spray is used to keep play long timing at the time of sex. These spray also use for the purpose to keep your partner happy, if you think that you are not able to play long last at the bed so in that case, you can increase you long-lasting at bed by using these sex timing spray in Pakistan.

How long does delay spray last? The desensitizing effects of delay spray typically last for 1-3 hours after applying it to your penis.

Contains vitamin E.
Contains natural ginseng extract
Super VIGA sprays are specially designed for men with premature infections. Long sex ejaculation with no side effects.
Super Viga sprays have great latency. These sprays are used for external use only.

Super Viga 990000 in Pakistan use:

Apply to half the length of the penis 10 minutes before sexual activity. From the front cap to the middle of the penis.

  • Cobra Delay Spray For Men
  • 1st choice for more pleasure
  • For maximum long duration for men in intercourse
  • No Side effects
  • High quality
  • 100% original
  • Widely used all around the world

How to use?

  • Hold the spray 10 cm away
  • Point the spray to the area you want to apply
  • Press the button repeatedly to spray


  • Avoid inhaling
  • Keep away from eyes
  • Do not heat or puncture the container even when empty

Package Includes:
1x Cobra Delay Spray For Men

  • It keeps your ejaculation control
  •  will help you to play long last
  • It will increase your confidence level for intercourse that will help you to play better in bed
  • Keeps you away from depression towards timing


Super Viga

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    Super Viga 990000 Spray in Pakistan

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