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Many women enjoy occasional itch – that annoying, distracting intimate itch that they frequently accomplice with their period, tight clothes, even perspiration. Any of those occurrences can disrupt your bacterial stability resulting in scent, itching and infection. Vagisil® moisturizing anti-itch crème stops itch right away. And vagisil® is infused with 10+ moisturizers and patented smell block technology. Greaseless, non-staining and lightly fragranced, Vagisil Cream in Pakistan has been formulated to provide spark off, powerful remedy from the soreness of adlescent itching, burning, and other irritations of the external place surrounding the vagina.

Vagisil Cream In Pakistan, Maximum Strength Vaginal Anti-itch Cream, Most Painful Itch Fast, Protective Barrier Over Intimate Skin, Long-lasting Comfort.

Details & Benefits

Ideal for external thrush itching, the Cream reduces the urge to scratch assisting to prevent further infection for long-lasting comfort. Omg-my-vagina-is-on-fire. unnecessary to mention, we’re of the thoughts that vaginal itch is less of a dirty secret and more of a fashionable revel in of womanhood. But, when itch does show up, it is important to recognize what can be inflicting it so you can get relief.

Our rigorous product testing includes microbiology-testing following USP guidelines, dermatologist & gynecologist testing, and stability testing to ensure product integrity throughout shelf life. Because millions of women trust us to make products that work.



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